From the first time we visited, observed and toured Prime Time I was so impressed with the teachers and the students. The class was organized and under control, while still fun and exciting. It was evident that the teachers had a love for their profession and the children. The teachers made us feel welcome and answered any questions we had, which made the transition from being home all day with mom to going to preschool two afternoons a week very smooth.

Our son, Colin adored his teachers from the very beginning of the school year, he even played pretend preschool at home, taking on the role of "Mrs. Cook", with my husband, daughter and I playing the part of the "friends". It was a great way for us to have a window into his preschool life. As a classroom volunteer, and through Colin's pretend play, I can attest that the teachers are patient, kind and nurturing towards the children. It was fun to see how excited Colin was to go to preschool, where he played, learned and grew; he even asked about going on his days off.

Some of the highlights during the school year, were the first day of school, with parents attending with their child, so we could all become more comfortable. The Halloween party, in which all the kids were dressed up. The Christmas program, with entire families in attendance to watch the kids perform adorable songs. The Valentine's Day party attended by Dads and Mother's Day party. As a parent who loves to document the milestones in her child's life, it was so nice to be invited and welcomed into the classroom to experience a special day that will be a beloved memory. I also really appreciated the parent-teacher conferences each semester. The teachers accurately and professionally presented information about where our son was at and the progress he had made.

Overall, Prime Time was the ideal first step for our son into his school career. We look forward to many more wonderful years with all of our children taking their first step with Prime Time.

-Meg Witt

Our three daughters thrived at Prime Time! The teachers recognized each girls' unique personality and helped to develop their individual strengths. The girls left preschool socially, emotionally and academically ready for kindergarten. Even though it's been years since our daughters were Prime Time students, they are still excited to see and hug their former teachers each time we see them.

-Clay and Elizabeth Bethard

Prime Time Preschool comes highly recommended by our  family.  Our three year old attends Prime Time and thoroughly enjoys  every minute of it!  She is a very shy little girl and has really come out of her shell.  Allison is learning excellent social skills right along with the academics that are most appropriate for a three year old.   The teachers at Prime Time are absolutely amazing! We could not have asked for a better program.

- The Monroe Family

Prime Time Preschool is a wonderful program with fantastic teachers! My son is enjoying his second year at Prime Time and I am pleased with his growth and interest in learning. I have a degree in early childhood education and I am impressed with every aspect of Prime Time; it is clean, organized, and well run. The teachers understand each child’s learning style, and most importantly they truly care about the children!

-Marin Whitten

Sending our first child to Pre-School was a big step for our family. We weren't sure we were ready to have him away from us during the day, but deep down, knew he was absolutely ready to start becoming independent.

After researching a few other Pre-Schools, we were told about Prime Time Pre-School. We fell in love with it right away and knew it was where he needed to be for his first school experience. It offered everything we were looking for, at an elevated level. The environment and teachers are so warm and welcoming that children feel comfortable to be themselves. The variety of daily activities varies enough to be interesting, but is consistent enough to be predictable.  The daily books, plays, and songs are age appropriate and a lot of fun for the children.  Having some structured group time to learn how to respect others and learn a few skills, but a lot of time for children to practice playing together is beneficial to their socialization skills.

Knowing the teachers truly care about each child’s well being, outside of learning, makes us know he is in as good of hands at school, as he is at home. Other bonuses the program offers are curb side drop off and pick up, Parent-Teacher conferences, a monthly calendar of almost every daily activity that will take place, a Christmas program, and parties especially for Moms and another for Dads.  My son truly loves to go to school each day.  We couldn’t have asked for a better first school experience for our family!

-Liberty and Andy Torrence